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Established in 2013, Kaligo was founded by Learn & Go as the first digital handwriting exercise book designed to teach students how to write using a stylus and tablet, built on an AI machine learning platform.

Thoughts from the Founder: A man on a mission with a global vision Benoit Jeannin, CEO & Founder of Learn&Go

’Learn & Go is an industrial catalyst in the EdTech industry with its digital handwriting solution. The act of writing structures the thought and the mind. Without writing there is no history. Recent studies show that the invasive, yet passive consumption of digital technologies is having a negative impact on the intellectual capacity of current and future generations. Schools are not the only entity responsible for this trend, however they can help encourage a  positive use of digital technologies.

Neuroscientific research confirms the connection between motricity and the brain’s capacity to acquire information. ‘When I write, I concentrate on writing. The more I write, the more the cognitive function in the brain associated with the assimilation of information is stimulated’.

How can Kaligo help reverse the negative trend of declining school results? “Our solution focuses on improving concentration rather than only on the fun of using a tablet. Concentration helps the learning process which leads to a richer verbal and written vocabulary. A win win situation”.


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Our journey so far

First collaboration between Learn & Go and French research laboratories ‘IRISA’: experts in computer science, design and analysis of engines for automatic handwriting recognition.

Learn & Go wins the tender from French Ministry of Education for a research-based proposal to teach children the fundamentals of writing using a ‘digital handwriting exercise book’.

After 4 years research and development, the solution is branded ‘Kaligo’ and made available for sale in France.

2018: Development continues with the Multi Operating System Compatibility and creation of the English Curriculum version.

Learn & Go is awarded the development of Kaligo SEN, with support from the Region of Brittany and FEDER* European Fund. This version will provide the pronunciation module for Kaligo.

Learn & Go becomes the coordinator for project ‘NADINE’, selected by the European Commission for the H2020 project. This will look at how immigrants can better integrate into their country of adoption using ICT-enabled solutions*.

2019: Launch of Kaligo in English in the UK and MENA

*ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)
*European Fund for Economic and Regional Development

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