Begin your Kaligo journey

30 Day Free Trial


Our free trial will enable you to try Kaligo for 30 days. You will be able to try the following handwriting exercises:

  • I can write in Capital Letters
  • I can write in Lower-case Letters
  • I can write in Pre-cursive
  • I can write in Cursive
  • I can write numbers
  • I practise tracing lines
  • I can control my pencil pressure
  • I know my shapes and can outline them
  • I can identify different letters and

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Kaligo Impact Trial


Kaligo’s impact trial uses our Department for Education approved Handwriting Application to help progress children’s handwriting progression as well as looking at the wider impact that using EdTech can have on overall development. Over an 8-week period, you will be able to have full access of Kaligo in your school, where you can create lessons and monitor student progression, whilst differentiating lessons to meet the needs of all individuals.

  • Objective and subjective analysis to outline the progress that has been made throughout the trial.
  • Baseline assessments for Capital Letters, Lower-case, Pre-cursive and Cursive handwriting styles.
  • Social behaviour analysis.
  • Adapted to suit your individual school’s handwriting policy.