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About Kaligo

In 2013, we responded to a nationwide request for innovative projects in e-education
with a focus on digital solutions for teaching the fundamentals at school, which created our collaborative project IntuiScript.

The objective of IntuiScript was to create a digital solution that would be used in schools to teach cursive
and script handwriting and ultimately the solution Kaligo was conceived.

A project co-created
with teachers

IntuiScript was mainly an experimental project that began in Brittany by testing the project
in preschools and elementary schools throughout four Breton departments.

  • over 2000 users

  • 40 trial classes
    in Brittany

  • Tested and approved
    by teachers

Referential teachers from the Rennes School District collaborated with our researchers to complete
an initial design phase, which was followed by experiments in classes in a workshop format with children and teachers.
These experiments allowed our team to gain real insights from our user's point-of-view to alter and perfect the application.

The Academy of Rennes created this video during IntuiScript experiments.

A collaborative project with multiple partners

IntuiScript was mainly an experimental project that began in Brittany by testing the project in preschools
and elementary schools throughout four Breton departments.

  • Learn&Go

    Software publisher specialized in digital solutions for school

  • INSA Rennes

    Research laboratory specialised in handwriting analysis


    Research laboratory specialised in handwriting analysis

  • Académie de Rennes

    Expert in pedagogy and accompanying experimental support


    Test protocol and experimental feedback support

  • ESPE de Bretagne

    Training, pedagogy research, and project experimental support

  • Enseignement catholique de Bretagne

    Accompanied with experimental support

  • Université Bretagne Loire

    An immersive classroom created for the project in PNRB

  • Conseil régional de Bretagne

    Financial support for the material and immersive class

  • Images & Réseaux

    Project labelling and diffusion support

  • Investissement d'avenir

    Selected to respond to the Project e-education 3

  • Microsoft

    Immersive classroom availability in Issy-Les-Moulineaux

A technology innovation
based of research

Research with IntuiDoc

The research team IntuiDoc (IRISA laboratory), led by Eric Anquetil, professor at INSA in Rennes, created the key educational innovation by developing the capacity to supply immediate and precise feedback to the child based on their work.

The analysis and handwriting recognition motors have been developed to give real time feedback allowing the child to instantly see if their letter was well done or not (form, direction, and order), depending on their result, the next exercise will be adapted to their level.

Find all information about the IntuiDoc on the IRISA's website
as well as the publications about the project through the IntuiScript link.

free trial version

Check out our application
in the immersive classroom

Supported by the Brittany region in France, IntuiScript's immersive classroom located in the Pôle Numérique Rennes Beaulieu.
It is open for communities, companies, families and educational representatives to create a space to discuss insights
and opinions around digital device integration at school.

La salle immersive du Pôle Numérique de Rennes Beaulieu ouverte aux classes pour découvrir Kaligo

The immersive classroom is free for primary school teachers who would like to introduce their child's to new technologies in an educational environment.

Sessions in the immersive classroom are organized by the LOUSTIC laboratory team. The sessions are co-created with the teachers in advance through a workshop format.
The immersive classroom is a part of scientific research connected to the e-education industry.

Digital Center
Rennes Beaulieu de l'UBL:
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Stop "Les Préales "
or "Tournebride "

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contact the LOUSTIC laboratory
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