A journal to show off children's achievements

Kaligo at school
Achievement journal

A complete tool devoted to children, their achievements, and to show off their progression.

« In order to create a timeline of each child's learning and to show off to the child and parents, teachers collect each child's work, photos of successful moments in in-class activities, drawings, written words, recordings, etc. »
BOEN n°3 January 21, 2016

With this additional feature, the tablet will let you register your observations and comments in an informal or formal way. You will have the possibility to take observational notes during a lesson plan, insert comments, photos, and videos.

In addition to an observational tool, the Acheivement Journal will be a tool for monitoring and evaluating learning like it is recommended in new programs. One part of the
notebook will be reserved for the teacher and the other for the child to build up. This notebook could be simply viewed on the tablet or printed. The notebook also be the conveyer of positive evaluations and to supervise the children.

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