Learn to write with Kaligo, the application for tablets with styluses

Kaligo at school

Kaligo is a handwriting application for students aged 3 to 8 to learn precursive,  cursive and manuscript letters.

Enhance your teaching methods through the use of tablets and styluses in the classroom.

  • Kaligo provides a progressive learning format tied directly to key learning milestones that are most commonly used in school curriculums.

    Kadriye Cikmazaka - DAN at Académie Nancy-Metz

  • The application, Kaligo, has been adapted for children and their cognitive ability. Teachers define a writing model in which the children follow and create their own version with trial and error. I am convinced that this application is going to be a huge help when teaching handwriting.

    Marina Fraysse - Primary School Teacher - Thesis on using digital tools when learning handwriting movements in preschool - Pont-à-Mousson

  • Kaligo lets teachers review child's work and their mistakes concerning the direction they wrote their letter, unlike a sheet of paper where it is difficult to see the actual movements used from 8 child's at a time. Using a tablet is easy and motivates children to learn.

    Valérie Guingal - Preschool Teacher - Pamiers

  • Kaligo is a tool training tool that is very interesting and attractive to children, and stimulates learning handwriting.

    Roseline Popeler - Preschool Teacher - Rennes

  • Using a stylus with the application Kaligo is a real added value. In fact, it is an important step when learning fine motor skills with precisions that this tool brings out.

    Kadriye Cikmazaka  - DAN at Académie Nancy-Metz

  • The application Kaligo creates exposure to subtle education. It offers interactive and energetic animations to visualize a letter and vocal instructions. The regular feedback and immediate evaluation is a great benefit to learning.

    Marina Fraysse - Primary School Teacher - Thesis on using digital tools when learning handwriting movements in preschool - Pont-à-Mousson

  • Handwriting

  • Stroke

  • Review, Revise,

  • Individual

  • Personalized

Teacher mode

Kaligo has created a special space dedicated to teachers to create lesson plans, child monitoring, and to review their child's work.

  • Class management

    • Creation and personnalisation of student profiles (laterality choice)
    • Organize the class with working groups

  • Lessons plans in sequences

    • Quickly created classroom sessions
    • Storage of lesson plans in the Kaligo library
    • Customised lesson plans and exercises sent to each student

  • Student Monitoring

    • Easy identification of the children in difficulty
    • Monitor individual progress
    • Save and print student's work
    • Replay student's interactive strokes

  • Personnailization of writing models

    • Choose excercise writing models displayed for the children
    • Customise the stroke direction and order for each letter and number
    • Choose  letter and number models which will be validated

free trial version

Kaligo adapts to your needs

If you class does not currently have the right materials and you would like to have some advice,
we are here to help and can offer a complete Kaligo package.

Why must I have a tablet with an integrated stylus?

  • Possibility to write on a tablet exactly the same as on paper
  • Tablets with an integrated stylus have a palm management feature
  • This feature lets children write with a stylus and have their hand on the screen
    without altering the application.

  • The stylus

    The stylus

    If the development of the graphomoteur gestures and skills  start with the fingers, the whole learning process of handwriting requires  the use of a pencil at certain stage. Therefore, for the best learning experience,  Kaligo  encourages  the use of a stylus with a tablet.

    Some tablets are sold with a built-in stylus, this type is recommended because of the precisions and configuation.

  • The tablet

    The tablet

    Kaligo is currently made for Android tablets but the iPad version will be available shortly. Try it for yourself and download the free trial version.

  • The Wi-Fi server

    The Wi-Fi server

    For the best experience, Kaligo workshops need to be run on tablets with an integrated stylus. Some tablets come with integrated stylus and this is the type we recommend.

  • Pencil grips

    Pencil grips

    Some stylus have not been created for a child's grip, which is why we recommend to use our pencil grips that are adapted and created for their styluses.

    Get in touch with us if you need any additional information.

  • Training

    Our team offers a how-to training course and application usage. The training course can be completed in your school or online.
    Feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Support

    Our team is here for you (phone or email) all year long to respond to your technical questions, application uses, and to guide you if any help is needed.
    The section "Help" has all of the questions asked most often.

Need Help?

All of the questions you are asking yourself about Kaligo's features are available on the "Help" page.