Kaligo Second Steps with tablets: english and math

Kaligo at school
Second Steps

Kaligo Second Steps, a link to new programs, focuses on the idea to allow and develop mastering languages to get the child thinking and communicating in whatever language, like mathematics or English.
The exercises were created with academic references. The principal idea was to start with educational concepts that have been tested and adapted  by using the developmental knowledge from the original users in Kaligo First Steps.

Here are some themes that will be in the new application

  • Write a sentence or paragraph

    The child will reproduce the sentence modelled that was created by the teacher (for example, the sentence of the day). In the dictation, the child can listen to the recording, pause, and replay.

  • Produce, review, and improve simple and organized writing

    The child will produce simple texts with a stylus. They can digitally erase and work on their text without damaging the work that needs to be completed and ...

  • Calculate in a line or stacked

    One important technical innovation will allow an analysis of the procedure that was used to calculate. The teacher will save different types of calculation by personalizing the context (columns. etc)

  • Solve a problem

    The child will read a problem and highlight the most important information, from there, the child will choose the question that seems to be relevant to the problem,or create one. The child will then decide if the equation must be completed with addition or multiplication. These essential steps will allow them to pass a step when solving complete problems.

  • Geometry

    Another unit will be for geometry to work on reproducing simple or composed shapes.

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