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Enhance handwriting teaching methods by using tablets and styluses in the classroom. Create lesson plans, monitor student progression and review each child’s work on our dedicated space for teachers.

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Kaligo at School

Kaligo for school is designed to teach children between 3-8 years old how to write using a tablet and stylus. Teachers can now enhance their handwriting teaching methods in the classroom with a dedicated space to create lesson plans, monitor individual progress and review each child’s work.

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Handwriting Stroke Analysis:

A self-paced, auto-corrective approach which allows students to progress at their own speed according to their own ability.

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Review, Revise, Correct:

The AI machine learning provides real-time corrective feedback. Kaligo provides Instant remediation!

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Individual Monitoring:

Each stroke is analysed based upon shape, direction and order, whilst the Kaligo cloud stores data for later analysis.

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Personalised Lesson Plans:

Teachers can customise exercise sequences for individual students with the ability to save lesson plans for future use.

8 Handwriting exercises

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Features and benefits for Teachers

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Class Management

  • Creation and personalisation of student profiles with optional student avatars
  • Option to organise the classroom into working groups
  • Teacher is able to select if the student is right or left handed
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Lesson Plans

  • Ability to create classroom sessions
  • Lesson Plans stored within the Kaligo library
  • Customised lesson plans and exercises can be sent to each student
  • Pre loaded lesson plan selection is made simple by our lock/unlock function for student access
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Student Monitoring

  • Identify students with learning difficulties
  • Monitor individual progress
  • Save and print student’s work
  • Replay and analyse student’s interactive strokes
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Personalisation of writing models

  • Choice of how the writing model is displayed for the children
  • Option to customise the stroke direction and order for each letter and number
  • Choice of letter and number models which have been validated by the teacher

What do our users have to say?

The Kaligo app offers a progressive learning path which aligns with the current skills curriculum, followed by the majority of primary school students and teachers.

Kadriye Cikmazaka

DAN at Académie Nancy-Metz

The Kaligo application provides dynamic images and vocal instructions to help visualize or understand a letter or word. This immediate feedback helps accelerate a child’s ability to learn.

Marina Fraysse

Primary School Teacher, thesis on using digital tools when learning handwriting movements in preschool, Pont-à-Mousson


Have a question about Kaligo? Before contacting us you might want to look through our most common user questions and answers.

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Which tablets are compatible with Kaligo?

Kaligo is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems with minimal compatibility: Android : 4.4 and iOS 10.

Do I need a specific stylus?

Kaligo can be used with all styluses compatible with Android and iOS operating systems (User experience may vary depending on stylus).

Does Kaligo work offline?

Kaligo works independently from a wifi connection which means students and teachers can continue working on or off line. All data is automatically synchronised when the wifi connection is restored.

Are Kaligo exercises aligned to handwriting curriculums?

Research based exercises are aligned with international curriculums. Enquire now to learn more.

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