Cookies Policy

Version updated on 03.02.2024


Learn & Go SAS (hereinafter referred to as “the Company” or “We”) places cookies on their website (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”)as well as on their Web Application Kaligo (hereinafter referred to as “the Web Application”) in order to ensure the most fluent and accurate experience possible.

This policy provides you with information about the nature and use of cookies and the tools available for configuring them.

We may update this policy without notice. We therefore advise you to consult it regularly.

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small file that is saved by your browser when you visit a website. It is stored for a certain length of time by the web browser, which sends it back to the web server each time you return to the website.

Cookies are used in particular to operate the Site, record your preferences, facilitate your use of the Site or offer you personalized content.

What types of cookies are placed on the Site and on the Web Application, who places them and what purpose do they serve ?

We place different types of cookies :

  • Cookies that are necessary for the proper operation of the Site and of the Web Application (to use the functions offered and to secure your connection), known as essential or functional cookies, which do not collect any personal data about you.
  • Cookies used to measure the Site’s audience and traffic.
  • Cookies enabling us to answer your questions via the chat facility on the Site and on the Web Application.
  • Cookies enabling us to record your choice concerning the deposit of various cookies.

We use various subcontractors to deposit the above-mentioned cookies (third-party cookies). These subcontractors undertake to comply with current legislation in this area.


Type of cookie Purpose Cookie Depositor Conservation
Proprietary Necessary for the proper operation of the Site (to use the functionalities offered and to secure your connection) WordPress 13 months
Proprietary This enables us to put a chat area at your disposal to answer your questions. Crisp 13 months
Proprietary Enables us to analyse the number of visits to the Site and obtain audience statistics. Google Analytics 13 months
Proprietary Allows us to record your choice concerning the deposit of various cookies Cookie&Compliance 6 months


What data is collected by cookies ?

The cookies placed on the Site and on the Web Application may collect data relating to a terminal (computer, tablet, telephone, etc.) or to behaviour at a given moment, in particular :

  • The IP address of the terminal connected
  • The date, time and duration of the visit to a page or the entire Site
  • The number of pages viewed
  • The navigation path
  • The type of operating system
  • Type and version of browser software used
  • The make and model of the mobile terminal or tablet
  • Language used

Can I refuse/manage these cookies ?

Essential” and “functional” cookies are deposited automatically and are not subject to your prior consent.

Audience measurement cookies are subject to your prior consent. On your first visit to the Site, a banner dedicated to consenting to the deposit of cookies appears and offers you the option of accepting or refusing all cookies or customising your selection.

You have the option of managing your consent and reconsidering your choices by re-setting them at any time via the consent management tool located at the bottom left of the home page.

In accordance with the table above, the technical cookie storing your choice is stored on your terminal for a period of 6 months, after which we will ask you again to accept, configure or refuse cookies.

You can also configure your browser to disable cookies on all the websites you visit by following the procedure indicated for your browser:

  • Google Chrome: follow the instructions on the Google Account Help page
  • Internet Explorer: follow the instructions on the browser help page
  • Mozilla Firefox: follow the instructions on the browser’s help page
  • Safari: follow the instructions on the Apple help page for web settings on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or on the Mac
  • Opera: follow the instructions on the browser help page
  • Qwant : This browser does not use cookies, but you can contact them directly by writing to privacy

If you have any questions about this policy, you can contact us by by e-mail at the following address: legal

The governing language of this policy is French. Learn & Go has translated this policy into various languages using automatic translation tools, exclusively to enhance accessibility for visitors, prospects, and customers not proficient in French. This translated version is for informational purposes only, and Learn & Go cannot guarantee the quality or accuracy of the translation, nor can it assume any liability. In the event of a dispute concerning this policy, only the French version will be considered legally binding and authentic.


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