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User Guide

Kaligo workshop set-up

Plug-in and turn-on the Wifi router
  1. Plug-in the Wi-Fi router into an outlet.
  2. Turn-on the router by pushing on the power button.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the router to turn-on completely.
  4. Once the router is turned-on, you can use the application in 
    the connected mode.

Turn-on the tablets
  1. Turn on all of the tablets by pushing on the 
    POWER button.
  2. Unlock the tablet’s screen by sliding your 
    finger across the screen.
  3. Take out all of the styluses to activate
    the stylus mode for each tablet.

Start and lock the application on the screen
  1. Click on the application’s icon to open.
  2. When the application is opened, a pop-up will as if you would like to “Pin” the application to the screen, click “Start” to stop the child from leaving the application.
  3. The application is ready to use.

Connect the tablets to the Wi-Fi router
  1. When starting the application, if you Wi-Fi is not connected, click on “Activate Wi-Fi.”
  2. Choose the network which you would like to connect to and validate the selection.
  3. Connect all of the child’s tablets to the same network.

Connect the teacher's tablet to the children's
  1. Connect to your teacher account by clicking “Teacher Connection”
  2. Enter your password, the password is the first name you entered.
  3. Once connected, your child’s name should appear automatically on the child’s tablets.
  4. If nothing happens on the children’s tablets, check your Wi-Fi connection on the router and on all of the tablets in use.

Use the application without Wi-Fi
  1. The application, Kaligo, allows two user modes:
     Using Wi-Fi allows you to personalize 
    the exercises and so that each child can use
    their profile.
     Not using Wi-Fi limits the access to 
    exercises already programmed as well as the amount of time exercises are saved.
  2. At any moment you can verify the strength
    of your Wi-Fi connection in the application 
    thanks to the Wi-Fi icon found in the upper 
    right corner of the screen.

Preparing a Kaligo workshop

Create my teacher account
  1. Click on “Teacher connection”
  2. Click on the “+” button
  3. Enter in the information requested.
  4. Your teacher account is created. Enter your 
    password to connect.

Reminder: your password is your first name 
entered while creating your account.

Add, change, and delete children in my class
  1. Once you are connected, open the menu by clicking 
    on the button in the upper left hand corner (3 lines).
  2. Click on “Class Management” and then “+” to 
    create a child profile.
  3. Enter the information necessary. The laterality 
    will adapt where the directions are displayed.
  4. To delete a child, click on the button “Delete”.

Personalize writing models
  1. Once you are connected, open the menu by clicking on the button in the upper left hand corner (3 lines)
  2. Click “My Writing Models”
  3. Choose the model that will be displayed in the exercise. This is called “Principal Model”.
  4. Choose the allowed models that will be considered 
    as correct during the analysis.

Create a sequence
  1. Access the mode “Create Sequence”
  2. Click “New Sequence” enter the information requested.
  3. Your lesson has been created and will appear in the menu on the left. All of the created lesson will be visible on the child’s tablets.

Add exercises in sequences
  1. After the lesson plan has been created, click on “New Exercise”.
  2. Choose the type of exercise that you would like to create and personalize the content.
  3. Click the button “Validate” to submit the exercise. Your exercise is now available on your tablet and your child’s tablets.

Edit and change the sequences and the exercises
  1. On the screen “Create Sequences,” push down on the exercise for a few seconds to delete it.
  2. You can also reorganise the order that your exercises appear by clicking and holding down the exercise, and drag it to the spot you would like it to appear.

How to read my dashboard
  1. To see child’s work, click on the icon “Child Monitoring”.
  2. You can each child’s results. The most recent results will appear first.
  3. The different colours represent the amount of difficulty that the child had 
    during each exercise.
  4. You have access to any exercise by clicking on the child’s image.

Access my child's work
  1. From the screen “Monitoring Children”, you can access child’s work by clicking on their icon image.
  2. For each child, you can click on each exercise to view their work in detail.
  3. For the handwriting exercises, you can click on the stroke produced to replay interactively.

Educational content

I can write in capitals letters

“I can write in capitals letters” is an exercise specifically to learning capital letters in the contexts of words.

The objective is to offer a scenario adapted to the child’s progression accompanied with automatic correction if difficulties are detected.

This exercise can be personalized in the teacher’s mode.

I can write cursive

“I can write cursive” is an exercise dedicated to teaching 
writing in cursive through words. 

The objective is to progressively work on connecting the letters until the written word is completed. 

This exercise can be personalized in the teacher’s mode.   

I can write my numbers

“I can write my numbers” is an exercise dedicated to learning to write numbers in the context of dates, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

The objective is to offer a scenario adapted to the child’s progression accompanied with automatic correction if difficulties are detected.

This exercise can be personalized in the teacher mode.

I am practicing tracing lines

“I am practicing tracing lines” is an introduction to writing in cursive.

The objective is to provide graphic shapes adapted to the child’s progression accompanied with automatic revision if difficulties are discovered.

This exercise can be personalized in the teacher mode.

I can control my pencil

“I control my pencil pressure” is an exercise to practice holding the pencil and the pressure.

The objective is to offer different exercises with illustrations, mandalas, interactive colouring images, with visual feedback in real time linked with the pressure applied.

This exercise can be personalized in the teacher mode.

I know my shapes and can outline them

“I know my shapes and can outline them” is an exercise focusing on fine motor skills and recognition by identifying a shape and tracing its outline. This exercise also develops a child’s imagination and creativity through a free draw and design feature.

I can identify different words and letters

“I can identify different words and letters” is an exercise dedicated to identifying single letters, groups of letters in a word, and words in a sentence.

The objective is to allow the child to work on their recognition of words in capital letters or in cursive through various types of exercises.


Download the demonstration version
  1. The Android version of the application is available to download on the Google Play Store (access through the application of the website
  2. Connect yourself on the Play Store with your Google account from school.
  3. Search for the application Kaligo and install it onto your tablet.
  4. You now have access to the application.
Activate the complete version
  1. To activate the complete version of Kaligo from the trial version, you must have an internet connection.
  2. On the home screen of the trial version, click “Activate Complete Version.”
  3. Enter your username and password that was given to you when you subscribed to Kaligo.
  4. If you do not have a username or password, click “Obtain Access” in order to contact us.

Be careful: certain schools block internet connection for activating a license. In this case, try to reactivate the application with another internet connection.


Change the tip of your stylus
  1. Stylus have disposable and interchangeable tips, if the tip is damaged, you should change it.
  2. Use the pliers that were supplied with purchase to pull out the tip.
  3. Insert the new tip by lightly pushing it into the stylus against something, for example a table, this will ensure that the tip is inserted far enough.
Control the amount of time before standby mode is activated on the tablet
  1. Click the “Settings” on the tablet.
  2. Click on “Display” then “Standby mode”
  3. Choose the amount of time you would like.
Adjust the screen's brightness
  1. Click on the icon “Settings” on the tablet.
  2. Click “Display”.
  3. Change the brightness depending on your preferences.
Adjust the volume on the tablet
  1. Click on the icon “Settings” on the tablet.
  2. Click “Sound”.
  3. Change the volume based on your preferences.

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