Collaboration with MarvellousMe

Kaligo announces collaboration with MarvellousMe


On National Handwriting Day, DfE approved Kaligo app, rewards pupils, teachers, and parents, by announcing collaboration with MarvellousMe


Kaligo, The DfE approved handwriting app, has today announced a collaboration with MarvellousMe, providers of a revolutionary parental engagement and reward app.

In the MarvellousMe app, teachers using Kaligo in class can now recognise achievements, reward pupils and share that news directly into the hands of parents to their smartphones.

MarvellousMe is an app which allows teachers to communicate with parents or carers positively.  Primarily aimed at early years and primary settings, MarvellousMe was created by a disgruntled dad who wanted to create positive conversations with his children about what was happening at school.

The collaboration brings Kaligo together with MarvellousMe, currently used to communicate to more than 200,000 parents across the UK.  Kaligo is a digital handwriting tool for children aged 3 to 9 to use at school or home, where using a tablet and stylus, it takes just a few minutes to analyse a child’s current handwriting level. Through their chosen handwriting scheme and with the option of pre-set lessons, Kaligo provides teachers with real-time data that directly correlates to a pupil’s writing capability.  This information helps teachers or parents to properly address any writing achievement gaps with immediate feedback and repetition, pupils receive automated, individual interventions.

Faisal Hamid, Director of Kaligo, said: “The opportunity to collaborate with MarvellousMe is an exciting one.  We already know that teachers love Kaligo and the positive impact it has in the classroom, but now in a couple of clicks, teachers can share the good news with parents.  Teachers can easily send work home and provide pupil rewards for good work remotely, helping to keep pupil morale and outcomes high. Personalised badges are a real motivator, helping children to get back on track as quickly as possible.”

“Our collaboration with Kaligo gives an easy way for teachers to reward pupils for their achievements on handwriting from the MarvellousMe App.  Delivering reward badges electronically and instantly is a great motivator for pupils to give that little bit of extra effort.” Adrian Burt, Founder of MarvellousMe.

The MarvellousMe app is used in over 700 schools across the UK and provides teachers with a safe, GDPR compliant, way to contact parents and share positive news about their child’s progress in Kaligo as well as the many other partners colourful reward badges which are sent home to the parents.

National Handwriting day takes place on Saturday 23rd January 2021.