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Get ready for the new school year with Kaligo!

The Scottish schoolchildren have already returned to school, while the other British schoolchildren still have a few days left before their back-to-school! To help you with the preparation for this new term, Kaligo is here to assist you. In this article, we will show you how you can effortlessly prepare for the new school year with Kaligo. 


Updating Classes

Your students have successfully used Kaligo this year, and you want to continue guiding them with the help of our teaching materials? It couldn’t be easier! You can transfer students from one class to another at any time. In practical terms, this means that all students from one class can be moved to the next class at the end of the school year. All data, progress, and analyses will be retained, and students can pick up where they left off last year. Please note that only an administrator can perform this action. For more information, read this helpdesk article.  

Note: Before transferring students to another class, ensure that the class has been created by an administrator and that the correct teachers have been assigned to that class. 


Profile settings in KaligoSetting up New Student Profiles

Whether new students are joining your class or you are creating an entirely new class, all student profiles can be set up before the start of the school year. Existing student profiles can also be updated. For example, this might be the case if certain students have received a lot of assistance during this school year and have progressed to the point where they no longer need it. Perhaps their needs have changed, and they require new, additional, or different aids. You can determine this based on the work they have done during the previous school year. 

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Choosing Exercise Content

With Kaligo, you have the complete overview of your students’ progress as well as their difficulties. Based on this, you can identify which exercises the children tend to struggle with the most. These exercises can be given special attention next year. For example, if the children had difficulties drawing loops at the beginning of the school year, you can focus on practicing this exercise more precisely this year.

The same approach can be applied in reverse. If your students have completed an exercise very easily and successfully, you can modify it and present it to them again at the beginning of the next school year, but with a higher difficulty level. For instance, if writing a word on the line was easy for your students, you can now have them try writing it with stricter lines.

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Reviewing Letter and Number Models

The start of the school year is also the time to review letter and number models. Were you satisfied with the models displayed by Kaligo? Do you want to change them or keep them? Do some students need specific models, or does the whole class work with the same models? A good solution may also be to provide little leeway for other models at the beginning of the school year, especially in the first class, so that the children learn to write as you instruct them. However, students who have better writing skills and aim to develop their own legible handwriting can have more freedom.

Back to school 4A New School Year with Kaligo?

Whether you’ve been using Kaligo diligently this school year or are just starting, we’re here to assist you. Whether you have questions about usage, settings, or results, we’re more than happy to help. Are you ready to get started? Simply fill out our contact form and start your free trial today. We’re looking forward to having you on board!

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