Creating exercises: 3 major changes in Kaligo's teacher portal

Creating exercises: 3 major changes in Kaligo’s teacher portal

The more Kaligo evolves, the richer the teaching materials become. For our users, this means regularly receiving new content and features. On our part, this also involves the constant search for new ways to ensure that Kaligo remains rich yet user-friendly. In recent weeks, we have focused on the exercises, specifically how they are displayed and selected. Indeed, there have been significant changes! Find out 3 major changes in Kaligo’s teacher portal in our article today.


Create your exercise with our simplified and user-friendly interface

Our previous classification made it challenging to understand which exercise was which and what it meant within the application. Users often spent a lot of time getting acquainted with the exercises, adjusting them, trying them out, and making changes repeatedly. This was both initially quite complex to handle and very time-consuming. For this reason, our new interface ditches the drop-down menu for a user-friendly skill selection. Each skill tile comes with a title and a handy icon showing what will be covered. When creating an exercise, you can directly select the skill you want to focus on. Instead of the names of different exercises, you will now see the exercise’s icon, as you would find in the tablet’s Practice Mode.


Kaligo New exercises interface 3 categories

Explore the 3 new categories

We now offer you 3 new categories to make it easier to find the perfect exercises for your students! 

  • Pre-writing and drawing

All exercises that train graphomotor gestures and prepare for writing are listed here. You’ll find exercise scenarios for practicing pen pressure, tracing, and drawing. Students who need to practice basic forms of movement will also find suitable exercises here.

Kaligo - New exercises interface - Pre-writing


  • Writing

The title speaks for itself. Here, you’ll find all the exercises that allow students to practice writing, whether it’s letters and words (capital letters, lower-case, cursive and pre-cursive), or numbers. 

Kaligo - New exercises interface - Writing


  • SPAG & Others

Here, the focus is no longer on writing, but on spelling and grammar. A series of exercises are proposed, such as dictation, to enable students to write or read a word aloud. There are also exercises for learning to recognise letters, words and shapes, and others for teaching students to differentiate between representations of the same word.

Kaligo - New exercises interface - SPAG

Preview how your exercise will appear on tablet

Because it’s not always easy to understand how the exercise will look on the tablet later, we are introducing dynamic previews. This means that when an exercise is created, you will immediately see how it will appear on the tablet. This way, you don’t need to switch back and forth between the tablet and the teacher’s portal but can adjust your exercise until it suits you.


New exercises - Dynamic previewWant to start a free trial?

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