Introducing QR Codes and Lesson Library

Kaligo introduces QR codes

Keeping up with the latest trends in EdTech and ensuring Kaligo schools are using an app which is constantly evolving and catering to their needs is our priority. Central to this is us listening to the teachers and pupils who use Kaligo every day.  In response, we’ve been busy developing and adding some neat new features helping to bridge the recovery of education for pupil’s post Covid-19.  Read on to find out more.


School work and Homework QR codes

Expressing that classwork is simply not enough to bridge the education gap caused by the last year and that homework is pinnacle to bridging the gap, teachers asked us to think about what we could do to help them and their pupils. In response we’ve introduced School work and Homework QR codes. These easy-to-use codes that can be used across iOS and all Android devices, work by Pupils scanning their unique Pupil QR code to access personalised and individualised lessons on the app whether they’re in the classroom, working remotely or for homework.

Kaligo Lesson Library

We’ve also introduced the Kaligo Lesson Library into our web version of the teacher portal which provides pre-loaded lesson plans as well as word & spelling lists aligned to the UK curriculum and common topics & themes taught in school. Going forward teachers will be able to ask Kaligo to publish lists they wish to be uploaded to the library, meaning that a school focusing on say “Romans” next week will have their personalised list loaded onto the Kaligo Lesson Library within 24 hours. But we’re not stopping there; we’re aiming to create a library resource for Teachers created by Teachers. The Kaligo word & spelling lists will not be limited to literacy related topics, we will be going on to include areas such as Science, Mathematics, Geography, and other areas that teachers feel are important to be included for their Pupils.

We love hearing your ideas and feedback to help us evolve and develop the App for you!

If you would like to try the new Kaligo update make sure to download a free trial